Got Haunts? Paranormal Case File

Our Investigations...

We are passionate about the paranormal and helping those who are affected understand what is occurring. We will NEVER charge for our services and all information is kept strictly confidential. Any evidence we share has been approved in advance by the client. Here you'll find our completed investigations.

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Got Haunts? Paranormal Spooky TX State Flag

Haunts in Texas...

Texas has something for everyone with an interest in the paranormal. Including ghost hunters, Texas history buffs, skeptics who want convincing, or just folks looking for a fun, unusual day trip or getaway weekend. Here are just a few of the paranormal spots located in the Lone Star State.

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Spooky Paranormal Mist

Paranormal Experiences...

REAL GHOST EXPERIENCES FROM REAL PEOPLE, JUST LIKE YOU. Here you can share your own and read about other paranormal experiences, discuss various paranormal topics and network with other paranormal investigators. We are very interested in true stories of the paranormal experienced by people all over the world, not just in Texas.

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Got Haunts? Paranormal South Park

The Lighter Side...

Ghost hunting isn't always serious business. When you're searching for things in the dark, sometimes you may find you need a little light. This is a continuing collection of our bloopers and funny moments caught on both audio and video during our investigations.

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We are currently not taking private investigations at this time.

Who We Are

We're everyday people just like you, but with a passion for the paranormal. We know how important your home is. We know how important trust is. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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How We Work

We will NEVER charge for our services. We use our equipment, our senses, our logic and reasoning to investigate and gather potential evidence to determine whether or not a location is haunted, or if the...

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